It all started when...

Realized Worth was founded in 2008 as a global consulting firm offering design and implementation support for employee volunteer programs. Realized Worth’s online training suite for volunteer leaders equips employees to grow and scale programs without added resourcing. With a wide range of clients including Altria, Deloitte, Microsoft, Abbott Labs, At&t, McDonald’s, AstraZenenca and more, Realized Worth’s specialized expertise is uniquely suited for the corporation seeking meaningful impact through its employee volunteer programs

In 2015, Realized Worth founded the RW Institute as a charitable mechanism to solve previously unsolvable problems facing corporate citizenship. The RW Institute accepts charitable donations for work that advances the field and promotes social good, such as training, research, and special projects. 

The co-founders of Realized Worth, Chris Jarvis and Angela Parker, are based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The extended team is based throughout the US and Canada, with Partner and COO, Corey Diamond, and Core Team members, Sabrina Viva and Kelly Lynch, located in Toronto, Ontario.